Soot City: Bay Area enters 11th straight ‘Spare the Air’ day

"The hazy, soot-filled air that has sullied the San Francisco skyline for more than a week, while enhancing the beauty of sunsets over the Pacific Ocean, has also set a record. For the past 11 days, the air has been so dirty that the Bay Areas air-monitoring body has issued warnings to the public." - SF Examiner

This is a real world problem we are trying to help solve with our Birdi Smart Air Monitor. You can learn more about poor air quality in San Francisco through “The Spare the Air program” that encourages Bay Area residents to reduce air pollution by driving less, carpooling, taking transit, and walking and biking.

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AT&T and Birdi Explore the Art of Possibility

Exciting news! AT&T launched their awesome new M2X Developer Kit today—featuring Birdi: Smart Air Monitoras a company already using AT&T M2X to provide a connected mobile experience with their customers!

The M2X Kit gives app and device developers the tools they need to connect, store and share data. From trucks and turbines to heart monitors and smart air monitors— endless possibilities! Definitely worth the read!

Another great review from Tech Times: see how Birdi compares to Nest Protect and traditional smoke detectors (everyone loves a comparison chart, don’t they?)